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About Avigael

Judaica artist and fashion designer

Made In Israël

AVIGAEL CREATION creates unique and personal pieces of art which resemble you.

Original jewish and Israeli gifts, hand-painted scarves, turbans, challah cover, bags. Find wedding gifts such as judaica fine-art paintings, birkat habayit, hadlakat nerot. All products are made with love in Jerusalem.

I created Avigael Creation in 2018, offering hand-painted scarves and judaica art. I live in Israel, Jerusalem, from where I’m working to create all these products.  Silk is a noble and light material that best suits my will to reveal women’s inner beauty.

Avigael Creation is constently expending its activities through my will is to create an everyday wearable art piece that resembles its owner and women’s wishes. Therefore, I now design hand-painted silk and cotton scarves, turbans, scrunchies,bags. But also hand-painted challah covers for shabbat, judaica decorating paintings ,  and even organize workshops to make people discover the pleasure of manipulating silk.


Avigael Creation , Hand-painted scarves and judaica art


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