Baby hebrew naming flowers

Baby hebrew naming painting

Baby hebrew naming fine-art paintings

I am happy to present my new collection of watercolor art prints perfect to give as a newborn gift, for a brit milah, or to decorate a newborn room.

This idea came thanks to a request of a couple of friends who wanted a personalized drawing to hang in the newborn bedroom. They had a selected theme and elements that they desired to find in the painting. I enjoyed drawing and entering into the child’s world so much.
It inspired me to imagine other scenes and worlds.

After that, I thought about the baby world and the dreamlike atmosphere to draw new themes for them. For example, you can find an aquatic theme under the sea with a design of blue tones, a whale, and other sea elements with cheerful colors. In another drawing, you have a forest theme. I drew a fairy-tale forest with a kind lion staring at you, a magnificent pan in the middle, and a colorful bird on the side. In addition to these themes, I created, in my favorite one, two flower paintings for little girls.

Finally, what makes you dream more than hot air balloons? Who has never dreamed of getting inside? There are so many ways to paint a hot air balloon, to choose its shape, pattern, colors… I had a lot of fun imagining this painting!

More Baby hebrew naming fine-art with new worlds will come soon! 

These paintings were watercolor made, then scanned and printed in high quality by professionals. There are no differences between the authentic and the printed!

The price of each naming certificate painting for a newborn includes its personalization.
There are the blessing for a girl or a boy,  his name written in Hebrew or Latin in the middle of the painting. Names are written in gold or silver leaf (depending on the drawings). In the end, at the bottom, you have the Hebrew date of birth and Georgian.

I propose this basic template but feel free to add, remove, exchange all the options depending on which text you want, it’s included in the price. 

Also, you can order the drawings with or without a frame.

I am always ready to hear your request for a custom gift to a newborn or even for older, just be in touch!

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