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Hand-painting on silk and Judaica artist.
My name is Audrey Tondowski. I was born and grew up in France and now live in Israel since 2016.

Througout my studies of stylism, modelism and fashion maketing, and along my personal growth, came the desire to dedicate my skills and be an artist for Jewish religious women.
Torah instructs to dress modestly and I wished to blend my religious ethics with my passion for art.
I believe Avigael Creation should reflect the values I stand for such as spirituality, and art. That is why I chose to give my hebrew name (Avigael) to my brand, since it is part of who I am.

I therefore created Avigael Creation in 2018, offering hand-painted silk scarf and judaica art.

Silk is a noble and light material that best suits my will to reveal women’s inner beauty. It is also the best support that gives life to colors and unique hand painted patterns. Avigael Creation is constently expending its activities through my will is to create an everyday wearable art piece that resembles its owner and women’s wishes. I now design chalot covers, decorating paintings and even organize workshops to make people discover the pleasure of manipulating silk.



Hand-painting on silk and Judaica artist

How your scarf is crafted

Silk process is really fun and exciting! Here is the birth process of your unique scarf, step by step.


I first gather iconographic patterns, pictures and any other media to draw several sketches.

Once the design is chosen, I start the actual elaboration of the scarf by stretching the silk with pins on a wood frame.


Then draw the pattern with gutta, to prevent the painting from scattering. If the pattern is complex and requires precision, it is drawn on a paper and placed underneath the silk – for instance like Esmeralda .  Otherwise, the pattern is drawn on the silk freely and results can differ from a scarf to another – like Graphicforest.


The gutta needs to dry before color is added.

Once completed, I iron the silk in order to fix the color. It needs then to rest for two days.


Next, I immerse the silk in cold water. After drying, I saw it and send it to you !

The whole process can take up to six hours.

Process video

Hand-painting on silk and Judaica artist 

Avigael Tondowski 


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