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No more joyous event than a Jewish wedding, (חֲתֻנָּה in hebrew) is a combination of many references: biblical, historical, mystical, cultural and halakha (jewish law). Minhagim passed down from generation to generation, constituting a link of Jewish continuity that stretches back over 3,800 years.. The talmud teachs that every wedding is a recreation of the marriage between G.o.d and the Jewish people at Mount Sinai, and that the wedding day is like a personal Yom Kippur—the holiest and most auspicious day of one's life.
Read more...Essentials for the home are frequently included in jewish weddings to assist the newlywed couple in starting their lives together. Wedding gifts are also an occasion to splurge on something unique, original and personal that will help them outfit their first Jewish home together and that will cherish for years to come. Judaica is commonly given to the couple as a wedding gift so that they can easily and joyfully celebrate Shabbat, jewish holidays and other pleasant accasions throught the Jewish year. Here are a few ideas of Judaica wedding gift you should get.

The challah cover :

Shabbat, is a staple in the Jewish life. The options can include a challah cover, Shabbat candles blessing or a scarf. They will adorn the Shabbat table by imbuing it with a colourful and distinctive character. Challah covers are a Judaica gift that will delight their owners with their originality and individuality. Indeed, each challah cover is unique, hand-painted on silk, and is an exclusive piece of artwork. You can personnalize the challah cover with the name of the couple. A gift for Shabbat is something the wedding couple can use every week.

Shabbat candles blessing :

According to Jewish tradition, each Friday evening before sunset the woman of the home (or the man if there is no woman present), lights the Shabbat candles: one candle for an unmarried woman and two for a married woman. It is good to place these paintings next to the Shabbat candle lights so that you can recite the Hebrew prayer (yehi ratzon) after the blessing. My favorite painting is « Jerusalem buy night », Jerusalem is representing with a dreamlike spirit. The candle lighting prayer is in gold leaves.

Jewish home blessings :

If the happy couple already has a lot of Judaica from bar and bat mitzvahs, the engagement party, and other previous celebrations, art and other home decor is a good idea. Jewish house blessings, or artistic interpretations of the Birkat HaBayit, are a great way to combine Jewish ritual with contemporary art.

Holiday items :

Ritual Judaica used on holidays is a great wedding gift, because the couple can cherish it for years and years to come. Even if certain holidays only occur once a year, most Judaica is so beautiful that it can double as décor for home. Matzah cover for example makes an excellent wedding gift. It gives the pessah Seder the look of art and style. For Rosh Hashanah you can give a challah cover with pomegrantes on it.

Birkat kallah :

Bride’s blessing makes a nice wedding present or an engagement present as well. Before heading to the chuppah, the bride usually says the Bride's Blessing. It is seen as a very sacred moment in which the bride has the opportunity to go deep inside herself, concentrate and reflect about what she will become, and thank G-d for all the beautiful things that have happened to her, including discovering the groom. She blesses him and them both in her prayer.   AVIGAEL CREATION creates unique and personal pieces of art which resemble you. Original jewish and Israeli gifts, hand-painted scarves, turbans, challah cover, bags. Find wedding gifts such as judaica fine-art paintings, birkat habayit, hadlakat nerot. All products are made with love in Israel.  

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    Gold Flowers – Birkat Kallah

    Dimensions / 34 cm x 34 cm 

    This magnificient Bride’s blessing makes a nice wedding present or an engagement present as well.

    The Bride’s Blessing is usually said after the groom covers her face with the veil and before going to the chuppah. It considers being a very holy moment where the Bride has the time to look deep inside, concentrating and thinking towards what is she going to be and thanking G-d for all the good things ever happened to her including finding the groom. In her prayer, she blesses him and them as well.

    This Gold flowers Birkat Kallah will upgrade your wedding & your wedding photos

    These Birkat Kallah is all in gold leaves I added by hand.

    You can specify the names of the bride and the groom to write down.

    This prayer came with a passe-partout and can be a wall art in your new house.

    This piece is also available with many different varieties of text or feel free to add your own. I would be delighted to help you réalise this project with you ! Feel free to contact me.

    AVAILABILITY: In stock

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