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Birkat habayit, Shabbat Candles Blessing, birkat kallah and paintings collection

Here is my collection of Judaica fine art prints. These colorful artworks contain several themes to suit all tastes and houses.

This piece makes a beautiful and special gift for: Bat Mitzvah, new home (hanukat ha’bayit) , Hostess gift, Holidays, Mothers Day, Birthday, Engagements, Weddings, Anniversaries…

All those paintings were watercolor painted, then scanned and printed in high quality by professionals. There are no differences between the authentic and the printed. 

About the birkat habayit:

You will find a lot of flowery patterns, my favorite theme, but also plenty of colors and elements of Jewish life (pomegranate, the Shabbat song Lekha Dodi, the Fatima’s hand, and others). After printing, I like to put on some of my drawings a gold leaves touch, laid by hand.

The blessing wishes means that their home to be always full of happiness, love, health, luck, prosperity and success.

In this judaica painting collection, I have also included a painting, specially designed for your wedding day, a magnificent birkat kallah.

The Bride’s Blessing is usually said after the groom covers her face with the veil and before going to the chuppah. In her prayer, she blesses him and them as well.

This Gold flowers Birkat Kallah will upgrade your wedding & your wedding photos

You will also find some Shabbat Candles Blessing fine-art:

It is good to place these paintings next to the Shabbat candle lights so that you can recite the Hebrew prayer (yehi ratzon) after the blessing.

These paintings are modern, far from the “Judaica” style that we used to.

One represents the galaxy with Jewish life elements floating in the space with its gold leaves hands in the middle.

You can also find this pattern of “hands praying style with hadlakat nerot prayer” in a painting for your house and challah covers.

In this painting, Jerusalem at night is representing with a dreamlike spirit. The candle lighting prayer is in gold leaves.

All these pieces are also available with many different varieties of text or feel free to add your own. I would be delighted to help you réalise this project with you ! Feel free to contact me.

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